A Quick Look at Drug Detox Programs

With the increase in drug abuse in California, more and more drug detox centers and facilities have been set up to try and curb the epidemic https://www.serenityoakswellness.com/ . The complexity of drug abuse warrants professionals to design programs capable of handling such cases. This in turn gives rise to programs that cater to individuals. These custom approaches seek to ensure that all rehabilitation cases are successful.

Some different Drug Detox Programs
Centers can be found all over California with unique programs in each.
1.      Substance-Specific: Different drugs have different withdrawal symptoms. This, therefore, means that different programs are set up to counter different drugs. The patient, therefore, gets the least bad experience during treatment.
2.      Short & Long-Term Residential Treatment: This is simply round the clock treatment and care, in-patient, for either a few weeks or several months respectively.
3.      Inpatient: Involves staying at a detox center for a predetermined period of time.
4.      Outpatient: Involves regular visits to professional centers to receive treatment, while still going back home. Useful for patients receiving lots of support at home.
5.      Holistic: This entails patients receiving guidance on more than just a physical level, with practices such as yoga to complement the actual treatment.
6.      Luxury: More suited to well-up inpatients especially in the Malibu and Beverly Hills detox centers in California. Services offered are to keep wealthy inpatients as comfortable as possible during treatment, with the price-tag to match.
7.      Executive: Friendly to those not willing to go on hiatus from their places of work and want no disruptions to their work life.
8.      Faith-based: These are programs based on religion, with treatment centered around the same.
9.      There also are special programs for special groups such as LGBTQ individuals.
The necessity of Drug Detox Programs
The devastating effects of drug abuse include, but are not limited to, tearing families apart. Drug addicts directly affect the people closest to them, with the effect rippling throughout society. The right drug detox programs offer victims a new lease on life and healing for their relationships. Society, as a whole, gains from successful detox programs.


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