Drug Detox Facilities: The Dark Side

Malicious individuals will always find a way of ruining a good thing. Exploitation affects almost all sectors of the service industry in some shape or form. All this to the further detriment of society. Vulnerability is at the very core of a drug addict's nature, making them more susceptible to manipulation than most. Several malpractices have emerged in the addiction treatment 'industry' that end up undoing all the good that has been done in morally grounded centers. https://www.serenityrecoverydetox.com

A large population to exploit

Take a state as large as California for illustration. Estimates state that about 3 million people abuse drugs in some form. Each year, drug-related emergency room visits are upwards of 40,000. These numbers are so large that keeping track becomes a headache of its own. Drug detox facilities have been set up to cater to such a mass of people. Unfortunately, not all are focused on the successful detoxification and rehabilitation of addicts as the primary goal.

Existent Malpractices

1. Drug Misappropriation: Shady clinics or clinical officers use underhand methods to remove a drug used as a Substance substitute and illegally distribute it. This obliterates regulated administration and allows recreational use. The drug ends up being a source of harm, and not as recovery medication.

2. Addict Payment: Some drug detox facilities pay their patients to refer other patients to their facilities. Should such patients have successfully been rehabilitated, chances of relapsing are high as they return to their toxic environments. Some patients even readmit themselves to receive said payments.

3. Patient Auctions: Southern California has one of the highest numbers of drug detox facilities but not the patients to match. With this information, an independent organization set up helplines, only to sell information about the callers to highest bidders.

4. Patient Rerouting: Helplines are in some cases 'hijacked' causing patients to end up in facilities that may not be suited to their needs, and the chance of successful rehabilitation sinks greatly.

5. Some individuals and organizations find vulnerable addicts with good insurance covers, and 'sell' the information to whoever is willing to pay

So in short. Be careful. Do not let your loved ones fall prey to such schemes. Do your research, not all 'drug detox facilities' value your well-being over profits.



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